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The burglary capital of Europe

Britain is the burglary capital of Europe. Levels of assault are also the highest in the EU while car thefts and sexual offences are not far behind. In Europe’s overall crime league Britain comes second only to Ireland. These shocking figures show just how hollow Brown and Blair’s words are when they say crime is falling.

The EU survey even showed a clear link between levels of violent crime and alcohol consumption. Yet ministers have the nerve to tell us that their 24 hour drinking laws have had no impact on crime levels. This report should be compulsory reading for the Government. Just glancing at it will show them the reality of the yob culture they have inflicted on modern Britain.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain all managed to have below average crime levels. All of these are countries comparable to Britain. Ten years of Government failure have left us more at risk from both property and violent crime than anywhere else in Europe. Blair’s Britain – what a complete shambles.

Posted in The Home Office on 6 February 2007 by David Ruffley


John Reid

John Reid entered the Home Office last May speaking as if he was Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. He said the Home Office was ‘not fit for purpose’ and that he was the man to clean it up. Yet all we see is the same old incompetence. The days when John Reid could lay everything at the door of Charles Clarke have long since run out. Quite simply he is responsible and if anyone’s head should roll it should be his.

Earlier in the week Reid said that due to overcrowding judges should only jail dangerous and persistent offenders. A few days later we see the result - Judge John Rogers QC, acting on the Home Secretary’s advice, gave Derek Williams a suspended sentence for downloading child pornography. Even Mr Williams was surprised by the leniency of the sentence stating he ‘was lucky to be out’! When convicted criminals start questioning why they are not being locked up the Home Office really has hit rock bottom.

One of the few people to be talking any sense on this matter is David Davis. David has said that protecting the public is the most important issue. I couldn’t agree more. It is ridiculous that sentences are being decided by prison capacity and not the offence committed. If prisons are full then the Home Office should be looking at viable solutions such as opening up Army prison camps or prison ships. If people are a threat to the British public then they must be taken out of circulation. No excuses.

Posted in The Home Office on 26 January 2007 by David Ruffley