gjhfgjhhDaily Express: Speeding drivers pay out £106m

Thursday, 7 August, 2008

SPEEDING fines are costing drivers nearly four times more than when Labour came to power a decade ago.

The Government collected £106.4million in revenue in 2006- up from £28.5million in 1997.

The number of speeding tickets issued has also gone up, from 712,000 to 1.77 million.

The cost of a ticket has risen from £40 to £60 over the last 10 years.

The latest figures were obtained by the Conservatives who called on ministers to show how they are using the money to make Britain's roads safer.

gjhfgjhhDaily Star, We'll all pay for latest cock-up

Saturday, 23 August, 2008

Lags set to sue as prisoner details go missing

TAXPAYERS face a huge compensation bill after the personal details of thousands of criminals were lost in the latest Government data blunder.

The names, addresses and expected release dates of all 84,000 prisoners in England and Wales were among the information on a computer memory stick lost by contractor PA Consulting.

Now the public could be landed with the enormous cost of protecting paedophiles, rapists, drug runners and killers from vigilantes or rival gangs.

gjhfgjhhDaily Mail, Are any Secrets Safe with Ms Smith?

Saturday, 23 August, 2008



JACQUI Smith was under fire last night for failing to sack the private contractor which lost personal data on thousands of criminals.

The Home Secretary said PA Consulting - which has won Government contracts worth £240million since 2004 - broke the rules on secret data.

But Whitehall officials made clear it will continue to be paid vast sums of taxpayers' money.

gjhfgjhhThe Sun, Data on 84,000 prisoners lost

Friday, 22 August, 2008

Now lags could sue over latest ID blunder

CONFIDENTIAL information on every prisoner in England and Wales - plus 40,000 career crooks - has been lost in a security breach.

Cops are investigating after a computer memory stick holding 84,000 lags' names, addresses and release dates vanished.

Last night there were fears the Home Office could be hit by a wave of compensation claims from convicts and crooks affected. It follows uproar last year when child benefit discs holding personal information on 25 million people went missing.

gjhfgjhhDaily Mail, Danger criminal files go Missing

Friday, 22 August, 2008

SECRET personal details of Britain's most dangerous criminals have been lost by the Government.

The public could now face an enormous bill to protect paedophiles, rapists, drug runners and killers from vigilantes or rival gangsters.

The names, addresses, details of convictions and even jail release dates of almost 130,000 people were all in Home Office files lost when a computer memory stick went missing.

It was being used by an employee of a private contractor working for the department.

gjhfgjhhDaily Telegraph, Now data on all prisoners is lost

Friday, 22 August, 2008

THE Home Office has lost confidential information on every prisoner in the country and more than 40,000 serious criminals causing yet another government data crisis.

It has led to fears that the taxpayer may now face a multi-million pound compensation bill from criminals whose safety may be compromised.

The home addresses of some of Britain's most prolific and serious offenders - including those who have committed violent and sexual crimes - are understood to be among the data missing.

gjhfgjhhTelegraph and Argus, Police cost of translating tops £1million

Thursday, 30 October, 2008

Police cost of translating tops £1million

West Yorkshire Police paid more than £1 million last year on interpreters and translators for foreign criminals, new figures reveal.

Last year £1.04 million was spent- up from £580,584 in 2003/4, a rise of 79 per cent over the five-year period.

Nationally the bill has risen by 63 per cent to more than £22 million in the same period, according to details obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

gjhfgjhhSlough & Langley Observer, Conservatives: Police costs soar because of "foreign criminals"

Thursday, 30 October, 2008

THAMES VALLEY police fork out more than a million pounds a year to cover the cost of interpreters for foreign offenders, according to figures released by the Conservatives.

The annual cost of interpretation and translation services for Thames Valley has more than doubled to £1.1 million in the last five years.

Shadow Minister for Police Reform, David Ruffley, said the 127 per cent increase, which was obtained after a freedom of information request, showed immigration was straining tight police budgets.

gjhfgjhhThe Sun, Grievous Bloody Hypocrisy;Crime Figures Scandal

Friday, 24 October, 2008

LABOUR was last night blasted for claiming success in the war on crime - as it was revealed figures were fixed to hide soaring violence like GBH.

Tory shadow police minister David Ruffley said: "It is sheer hypocrisy to now blame this surge on an accounting error."

gjhfgjhhThe News of the World, Extra crime

Sunday, 24 August, 2008

Extra crime

FOOTBALL violence has EXPLODED among fans at lower league clubs, new figures show.

The number of arrests rose by more than a QUARTER last season-from 1,496 in 2006/7 to 1,900-at non-Premiership matches.

Offences included carrying weapons, throwing missiles, arson and assault, the Government figures reveal.

It comes a few months after the Home Office boasted how arrests at Premiership games had plummeted by 46 per cent in the last three years.

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