gjhfgjhhBirmingham Post: 2,000 sex offenders on region's register

Tuesday, 27 October, 2009

More than 2,000 registered sex offenders are living in theWest Midlands, police and probation services have revealed.

And, in the past 12 months, 127 sex offenders intheregionwerecautionedor convicted forbreakingthe termsof their probation - including 54 who went back to jail.

The figures were published by police and probation services, which work together to monitor sex offenders in the community.

gjhfgjhhRuffley to be keynote speaker at annual 'Suffolk Limited' breakfast seminar

Monday, 2 November, 2009

David Ruffley will be a keynote speaker at the annual 'Suffolk Limited' breakfast seminar on Friday, 6 November at Hengrave Hall, Bury St Edmunds.

David Ruffley MP will represent H M Opposition and will speak on policy for business in Suffolk. There will also be speakers from the other two main political parties.

gjhfgjhhRuffley chairs second key meeting on Beyton flooding issue

Tuesday, 3 November, 2009

David Ruffley MP will chair the second key meeting of all the parties involved in finding a solution to the Beyton flooding problem on Friday, 6 November.

Friday's meeting will discuss the various options available to alleviate the flooding in Thurston Road, Beyton, which occurs after heavy rainfall and makes the road impassable.

Sources of funding will also be discussed, including bidding for government funds from DEFRA.

gjhfgjhhRuffley participates in Remembrance Day service at Angel Hill War Memorial, Bury St Edmunds

Wednesday, 4 November, 2009

David Ruffley MP laid a wreath during the Remembrance Day service at the war memorial on Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds on Sunday, 8 November.

David said:

'It is important that we continue to acknowledge the debt we owe to our Armed Forces- both past and present. These brave men and women put themselves in harm's way on behalf of us all.

gjhfgjhhThe Daily Telegraph: Police bureaucracy pushing up 'cost per crime' statistics

Monday, 9 November, 2009

A failure to reduce police bureaucracy has resulted in an increase in the cost of tackling crime, figures suggest.

For some types of crime, the average cost of dealing with an incident has increased by more than 50 per cent in four years.

The figures, obtained by the Tories, show sharp rises in staffing costs per incident - as opposed to equipment or business costs - suggesting that paperwork and bureaucracy is a growing burden.

Some violent offences now cost the taxpayer more than pounds 18,000, about half of which is spent on staffing.


Tuesday, 13 October, 2009

David Ruffley MP said:-

'I very much welcome the detailed independent scrutiny that Sir Thomas Legg has undertaken over the summer of every MP's ACA expenses from 2004-5 to 2008-9. He wrote to every MP on 12 October 2009. Whilst he requested many other MPs to answer further queries or make repayments, in his letter to me Sir Thomas stated:

gjhfgjhhThe Daily Telegraph: Fears for public safety as number of sex offenders increases by 47pc

Monday, 26 October, 2009

The number of sex offenders has increased by almost 50 per cent in five years raising concerns that they cannot all be adequately monitored.

In some parts of the country the number of sex offenders the police have to keep track of has almost doubled, according to figures obtained by the Tories.

The Government will today publish its own figures on how many serious sex offenders or violent offenders are closely monitored under Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (Mappa).

gjhfgjhhThe Daily Mail: Sex Attackers On Register Rise By 50PC In Five Years

Monday, 26 October, 2009

The number of paedophiles, rapists and sex attackers rated a danger to the public has increased by half in only five years, it emerged last night.

The big rise in the number of convicts placed on the Sex Offenders Register - which now stands at 31,392 - came amid allegations that ministers are concealing the extent of their reoffending.

Some rapes and killings by supervised criminals are being excluded from official figures.

gjhfgjhhThe Sun: 'Career crooks' rocket by 50%

Wednesday, 21 October, 2009

Hardened career criminals are dramatically on the rise, it was revealed today.

The number of prolific repeat offenders has increased by almost 50 per cent over the last four years.

And in some parts of the country it has more than doubled.

The figures include the hard core of thugs and yobs who commit thousands of crimes a year — bringing misery to communities up and down the country.

gjhfgjhhThe Daily Telegraph: Law chief: Don't let crooks off hook Top judge: I will restore faith Cost is not king, says top judge C Top judge: I will restore faith

Wednesday, 21 October, 2009

Criminals should not escape prosecution on the grounds of cost, the country's most senior judge said yesterday.

Speaking on the first anniversary of becoming Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge said that restoring confidence in the criminal justice system was his first priority.

He said it would give "cause for concern'' if offenders avoided prosecution because it was considered too expensive to take them to court.

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