David Ruffley - MP for Bury St Edmunds, Stowmarket and Needham Market

Bad schools on the up

Quarter of million kids are getting a rotten education. Bad schools are on the up. The school watchdog has targeted 700 ‘sink’ schools that are letting our kids down. They have put 171 schools into special measures, 2 have been closed and hundreds more are on the brink of closing. The total number of failing schools has gone up from 203 to 243 – that’s a rise of nearly a fifth.

Blair’s school reform agenda is a complete flop. If children get a bad start at primary school they suffer for the rest of their lives. This is a hammer blow to Blair’s record on schools – whatever happened to ‘education, education, education’? As Dave Cameron said yesterday, why doesn’t Blair do us all a favour and jack it in now. Whitehall is in gridlock waiting for King Gordon. Not that he will do much better.

Posted in Education on 1 February 2007 by David Ruffley



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