gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP welcomes Government's new social care changes

Friday, 27 July, 2012

David Ruffley MP said: 'These new changes reflect the growing need to support our aging population.

The new measures will mean that:

Nobody will have to sell their home in their lifetime to pay for social care

£200 million will be invested to create specialised housing for the elderly

Patients will be given access to personal health budgets to improve choice and entitlements to care

More care workers will be trained to ensure many more elderly people are treated with care and dignity.

gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP welcomes Air Force Regiment home

Saturday, 30 June, 2012

David Ruffley MP will be welcoming home II Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, Honington, at Abbey Gardens 30 June at 11am.

David Ruffley MP Said 'I support II Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment and welcome it back from its recent deployment to Afghanistan.

There will be a parade travelling through the town, with a salute and march past near the War Memorial on Angel Hill which will be taken by the Mayor of St Edmundsbury and the Station Commander of Royal Air Force Honington.

gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP celebrates Suffolk and Olympic Sports

Friday, 6 July, 2012

David Ruffley MP will welcome the Olympic Torch passing through Bury St Edmunds and attend the Suffolk Youth Games, both at the Abbeycroft Leisure Centre on Saturday 7 July, and a reception for the Rwandan Olympics Team on 8 July at 11.30am at the Athenaeum.

David Ruffley MP said: 'This will be a bumper weekend for sport in Suffolk. The Olympic Torch will be travelling through Bury St Edmunds and I look forward to greeting it as it passes through the Suffolk Youth Games at 4.45pm on Saturday.

gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP calls and chairs meeting with heads and governors on future of Bury schools

Friday, 6 July, 2012

David Ruffley MP has called and will be chairing a meeting with Headteachers and Chairs of Governing bodies to set out the plans to move to a two tier schooling system in Suffolk on Friday, 5 July.

David Ruffley MP said: 'This is an opportunity for Headteachers and Governors to set out their thoughts and concerns to Suffolk County Council about SOR.

gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP urges Suffolk residents to use new police.uk technology to track crime

Friday, 22 June, 2012

David Ruffley MP has welcomed a new online tool which for the first time allows people to track what happened after a crime was committed in their Suffolk neighbourhood.

In this next stage of development of the groundbreaking website Police.uk, local residents will not only be able to access street level crime data but also see what action the Suffolk police and Suffolk Courts have taken as a result and whether offenders went to court.

gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP calls for support for UK's 6 million unpaid carers

Monday, 18 June, 2012

David Ruffley MP has teamed up with TV presenter and former carer Fiona Phillips to support this year's Carers Week (18-24 June) and recognise the contribution made by those people in Bury St Edmunds and throughout the UK who provide unpaid care for someone who is ill, frail or disabled. The work they carry out is vital for their families and friends, and for their communities.

David Ruffley MP said

'Carers are dear to my heart. My mother was a full time carer for my blind and partially deaf fraid grandfather when I was a child.

gjhfgjhhDavid questions Governor of Bank of England on bank lending

Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

On Tuesday 26 June 2012, Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, Spencer Dale, Chief Economist, Bank of England, Professor David Miles, Monetary Policy Committee Member, Bank of England, and Dr Ben Broadbent, Monetary Policy Committee Member, Bank of England, gave evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on the Bank of England's May Quarterly Inflation Report, their assessment of the state of the UK economy.

gjhfgjhhDavid questions Deputy Governor of Bank of England

Monday, 9 July, 2012

Paul Tucker, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, gave evidence to the Treasury Select Committee on Monday 9 July.

Bob Diamond, who resigned last week as Chief Executive of Barclays, released to the Treasury Select Committee last week a file note of a 29 October 2008 conversation with Mr. Tucker regarding LIBOR.

David Ruffley MP questioned Mr. Tucker on his reaction to Mr. Diamond's message that other banks' LIBOR submissions were not based on real transactions, and may hence have been inaccurate.

The transcript of the exchange is below.

gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP attends River Gipping Trust AGM

Friday, 25 May, 2012

David Ruffley MP will be attending River Gipping Trust AGM at Needham Market Community Centre on 25 May at 7pm.

David Ruffley MP said: 'The River Gipping is a beautiful feature of our Suffolk heritage. The Trust aims to restore buildings and walkways to their former glory for the public to enjoy once more.

I am looking forward to finding out about the progress that has been made so far and the next steps for this very worthy project.'

gjhfgjhhDavid Ruffley MP in Jubilee celebrations

Friday, 1 June, 2012

David Ruffley MP will be opening a range of events across the Diamond Jubilee bank holiday weekend.

David Ruffley MP said: 'There are so many patriotic events taking place in West Suffolk over this historic weekend and I am very proud to be part of celebration of what it means to be British.

I have honour of opening the Westbury Avenue Diamond Jubilee street party on 3 June. Other street parties I will attend in the town will include those in Albert Crescent and in York Road.

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